Over the years, the JensenLab has done research on a wide range of biological topics at the interfaces between omics data analysis, biomedical text mining, and data visualization.

One of the core activities of the lab has been to develop and maintain databases, which are used by thousands of researchers around the world every week. The most famous of these is the STRING database, which we run in collaboration with groups at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the University of Zurich. Many of our other resources either contribute directly to STRING (e.g. our text mining tools), complement it with additional information (e.g. databases of subcellular localization, tissue expression, and disease associations), or build upon it (e.g. Cytoscape stringApp).

A key factor to our success has been the numerous collaborations with many excellent research groups within the NNF Center for Protein Research and around the world. These have helped guide the development of the resources and have obviously resulted in numerous joint publications.