Short profile

I am a multicultural, multilingual, multidisciplinary scientist with multiple areas of interest within bioinformatics. I usually have my code well-caffeinated and full of snakes, as well as taking a pirate's approach to statistics.

Besides being prolific in bad puns; I work with analysis of, and method development for, mass-spectrometry proteomics data. On occasion, I take a shot at analysing next-gen sequencing data, as well.

Besides the scientific projects I often participate in extracurricular academic and social projects, such as being a representative for the students and postdocs association at CPR and organising collaborative workshops on developing teamwork and communication skills. I am fairly active on StackExchange sites, particularly Academia and StackOverflow.

Brief CV

  • 03/2017–present: Postdoc at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 01/2016–02/2017: Researcher in Prof Mats Ohlin's group at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, Sweden. This was a project in collaboration with Alligator Biosciences AB.
  • 05/2011–12/2015: PhD student at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, Sweden.
    • Thesis supervisor: Prof. Peter James
    • Thesis opponent: Prof. Janne Lehtiö (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm)
  • 09/2010–05/2011: Research engineer at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, Sweden.
  • 08/2004–10/2010: MSc in Engineering Mathematics, Lund University, Sweden

I would be happy to provide a full resume, upon request, make sure to send some smoke signals if you are interested.

Other places to find me

Google Scholar
Staff website at University of Copenhagen